Oh no….MACROS!

Macros, or MACRONUTRIENTS can be a daunting topic for even for the most experienced people. At Butler Elite Training we break it down for clients to help them understand why they’re important and how to simplify it.

“MACROS” is a generic term for the three types of nutrients our body requires: carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  To function properly our body REQUIRES (there’s that word again) ample amounts of each to function properly.  And there are hundreds of ways to calculate these: apps, spread sheets, calculations, etc.  Unless you have specific diet restrictions, or prepping for a fitness competition, any of these will get you in the ballpark.

There’s an acronym “IIFYM” (If It Fits Your Macros).  On the surface this means you can literally eat whatever you want and still reach your goals of fat loss or muscle gain if you stay within those parameters.  The foods you choose is up to you.  With that said there are obviously better options.  While 100 grams of salmon and 100 grams of hot wings may have the same macronutrient profile (both are about 60% protein and 40% fat), they are hardly nutritional equivalents. Jellybeans and sweet potatoes are both about 100% carbohydrates, but, again, there’s no comparison when it comes to nutritional value. Could you lose weight eating nothing but hot wings and jellybeans — if they fit your macros? Probably. But most people doing IIFYM quickly discover they feel much better when they spend most of their macros on fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, legumes, whole grains, lean protein and other wholesome foods, which tend to be more filling as well as more nutritious.

The ultimate purpose of IIFYM is to help those who feel “triggered” by having to choose healthy foods all the time.  You can have your pizza, ice cream, etc. however it’s advised the remainder of your choices are on the healthier side.

Do I have to track/monitor my macros till the end of time?  NOOOOO!  Who wants that?  Give yourself 30+/- days of learning what you’re eating, because most of us don’t understand the true nutritional value of what we eat, and/or proper portions.  If you truly do this for 30 days, you’ll a have a better understanding of what you’re eating and can do it from memory!

Lastly, THIS WON’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT.  It’ll take some time for you to learn/re-learn what your food choices can be and where to grocery shop…and that’s ok.  At first your body will be confused by this “new normal”, but it will adapt and ultimately love you for it!

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