Like myself, most of my clients tend to struggle reaching their daily protein goal.  But a few years ago I was introduced to a nutritional supplement that totally changed the ball game!

Let me share with you my favorite protein secret – Herbalife Protein Beverage Mix

I’m always skeptical when it comes to supplement companies and mass produced products, but once I got my first taste of this little gem I was totally hooked. Not just for the amazing fruit punch or mango flavor taste, but this little canister has some amazing nutrition inside. With 15g of protein per serving and zero sugar, this is the perfect tool to have in your cabinet or gym bag to add much needed protein calories to my day.

Whether you need it to boost your protein during a meal, or maybe you are pressed for time and can’t find time for a healthy snack, it’s super simple to take this small container with you on-the-go and add a serving whenever needed.

And what about those of you who also struggle drinking enough water? Well, here’s a simple and healthy way to add more H2O to your daily intake by simply adding a scoop to your water bottle and sip on it throughout the day.

I love this product so much I decided to add it to my personal store and offer it to my clients.  Click below to learn more and order your canister.

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