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Ian Butler

Building Badass Bodies

Who Are WE

Butler Elite Training is a full-service personal training & coaching company, offering customized fitness/nutrition/accountability programs for clients nationwide. Whether you’re an athlete training for an event, a fitness competitor, avid gym enthusiast, looking to lose a few pounds or gain muscle, our certified personal trainers are here to help.  Whether you’re in our backyard (Raleigh, NC) or across the country, we have your back.

Who Is Ian

Growing up my story was the opposite of most kids.  I wasn’t overweight…I was ridiculously skinny and almost 6′ tall.  More than once I heard people say “if he turns sideways you can’t see him”. That’s how skinny I was resulting in being picked on, bullied, pushed around and constantly made fun of.  I was very active in sports and worked out consistently, but rarely put any weight on.  It wasn’t till my mid 30’s that I realized how important nutrition is.  You’re not going to get results if you don’t eat, and even worse results if you eat crap! That was that turning point that made me realize, if I’m just figuring this out, there has to be thousands, if not 10’s of thousands in the same boat. I saw results immediately as my body was finally getting the resources it needed to grow. 

Ian’s qualifications

Ian has been a personal trainer/coach for over 15 years. Even in his previous life as a Wealth Advisor for Merrill Lynch, he was training/coaching clients before and after work.  He holds several certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM); Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialization & Youth Exercise Specialization.

B3 PROGRAMS & Services

Building Badass Bodies with our B3 programming includes personalized 1:1 fitness and nutrition coaching, on-demand fitness classes, and our exclusive customized meal prep service. 

1:1 Personal Training


Customized Fitness Programs


Accountability Coaching


In-Person and Virtual Options

1:1 Nutrition Programs


Meal Plans & Macros


Accountability Coaching


Tracking & Meal Prep

On-Demand Classes


1,500+ Recorded Fitness Classes


Strength, Cardio, Yoga and more


Anytime, Anywhere, No Excuses!

Sunday Fun Day
Fit Camp


Every Sunday at 10am


Centrally located in North Raleigh


All Levels Welcome!

Pool Training


Suffering from joint pain?


Experiencing balance issues?


This workout is for you!

Jennifer Moore

When commitment, dedication and trust collide…you get results. Jennifer has been rock solid in all these areas, and it shows. Going into our 3rd month of training together I’m excited to see what’s next! Congrats Jen, you’re a rockstar!

Taya Dulcich

Butler Elite Training is different from any other gym experience I have had. They offer one-on-one training, virtual training, and, if needed, an on-demand library of workouts. My workouts are thoughtful, creative, and specific to me in a comfortable environment that is typically uncomfortable for me. No matter what your physical abilities are or are not, Butler Elite Training is for everyone.

Karen Hurley

I‘ve known Ian & Monika for years. I’ve trained with them and they are no joke! They know what they are doing and you will be pleased with your results!

Alexis Alvey

Butler Elite Training helped me with great home workouts during the quarantine. It was a great way to stay accountable and stay motivated during a tough time! Would definitely recommend signing up with a bunch of fit-minded friends!

Amanda Todd

Ian not only puts together fun and challenging workouts, but he’s also available to answer questions on form or even to suggest modified exercises in case of an injury or limitation. So many times, I want to work out, but am just not sure which exercises to stack together or how many reps for a good starting number. Ian takes the guesswork out and just allows me to focus on a fun, productive, challenging workout. Love working out with the Butler Elite crew!

Michi Hernandez Buckley

Ian is always sharing dietary and training info. Wish he was in my local area and hired him instead of who I had before.

Jaclyn Gough

Ian is a hard working, professional trainer in the Triangle Area. He also has a unique platform where you can train virtually with him! (Great for out of state, country etc.).  He cares about his clients well being and results.

Jewels Calvin

Aloha 🌴 Holly Ba-Jesus what’s not to recommend?!? 😂 I’ve happily done 3 different monthly challenges! I’m Stoked with the results and how I feel! I abso-fricken-lutely highly recommend trying a monthly challenge! You’ll LOVE what they do for your Heart 💜 , Body and Soul!

Kelly Lundin

Ian is an incredible trainer, and really encourages and motivates you to push yourself to new limits. He listens and understands your goals and helps you achieve them. He’s encouraging, realistic and gives you that drive you need to get to the next level. I highly recommend Butler Elite Training to everyone looking for guidance, recommendations, tips or that extra push!

Allen Franklin

Butler Elite has helped kept me motivated to achieve my goals!!! It is amazing the dedication and time this team has given me. From the talks on the phone and in person about meal prepping to work outs. Butler puts together a program for each individual and situations that they have. They truly make this easy!!!!

Heba Diraz

In trying to keep our 10 & 17 yr olds active while we visited NC over the summer, we signed them up for PT sessions with Ian. Ian did an excellent job of building rapport with both of our kids. He showed interest in who they are, asked about and helped them set individual goals, boosted their self-confidence, & was creative and fun with his programming. My children never once complained about going to train with Ian. They maintained excitement throughout the duration of our trip and didn’t want to miss any sessions with Ian. We are very thankful to Ian for facilitating such a positive experience for our children and empowering them to take care of their health. They have dubbed him “the BEST coach they’ve ever had.” 😍🙏🏽

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